The following list is a collection of FREE presentations discussing the views of God and creation from some well known scientists in history such as Newton, Euler, Boyle, Pascal and Von Braun, and other evolution/creation topics. These presentations are available in both PowerPoint and PDF format.

The FREE PDF reader can be downloaded at and a FREE PowerPoint viewer can be downloaded from MicroSoft.

3000 Darwin Skeptics

A Select List of Science Academics, Scientists and Scholars Who are Skeptical of Darwinism (pdf). Perhaps one of these scholars is at your university and would be willing to provide you with some advice and counsel.

Views on God From Famous Scientists

Other Evolution/Creation Topics

  • Intelligent Design (PowerPoint)
  • Biblical Views on Science Engineering (PowerPoint)
  • Age of the Earth (PowerPoint)
  • Why Do I Believe What the Bible Says (PowerPoint)
  • The Religion of Evolution: Nine Reasons to be a Darwin Doubter (PowerPointPDF)
  • Evolution/Creation: An Introduction (PowerPointPDF)
  • PENSEES by Blaise Pascal, 1660 (PDF)
  • Determinism and Free Will, James Clerk Maxwell, 1873 (PDF)
  • Prime Motivation of the Universe is Love (PowerPoint)
  • Science Fiction or Science Fact: Theism as the Foundation for Modern Science (PowerPoint)
  • The Secularization of American Higher Education (PowerPoint)
  • Worldview and Ethics (PowerPoint)
  • On the Resurrection of Jesus (PowerPoint)
  • On the death of Jesus Christ (MS Word)
  • Light-years? No Problem! by Russ Humphreys (PowerPoint, PDF)