Because we are a virtual organization and institutions (and students) require payment for courses and student stipends, funding for ACGR is critical to its health and longevity. How can someone give to this non-profit organization? We are envisioning several mechanisms.

  • Church/family ownership of a graduate student: view this as kind of a family or church funding/supporting a missionary family. In this case, the mission is the academic community and you are supporting the next leader in that community. 
  • Endowments without earmarks: if we had $5 million, we could use the interest (say at 5%) which would amount to $250K to support approximately three to eight graduate students on a yearly basis. The variation in the three to eight graduate students arises because different institutions have different costs for graduate students. Private institutions are typically more expensive that public institutions. 
  • Endowments with earmarks: here endowments can be given to faculty members to ensure long term research in a particular area. Foundations: ownership of a single (or multiple) graduate student (s) or endowments can be made. 
  • On-Line through PayPal: Click the Donate button to make a contribution using your credit card through our PayPal account.